Over 20 years of experience, research and collaborations with artists of national and international level.

Pirrera has been building guitars for over 20 years.

In addition to a diploma conferred at the renowned “Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano” Gianluca has learned a lot in the field, being a sought-after Guitar Tech in the recording studio and following his instruments in live activities with artists of national and international level.

classic instruments,
visually appealing,
at the top of the range
in terms of playability
and musical functionality

Gianluca Pirrera has several decades of daily experience in the restoration, renovation and improvement of a wide range of the finest vintage instruments, as well as many top-of-the-range models of famous brands. This gives him a unique and complete experience not only in the way of building extraordinary instruments, but also in consideration of what is so often sought after in old  and rare vintage guitars.

In short:
elegant looking
extraordinary instruments
for professional
musicians and artiststs

Pirrera also creates remakes of famous and iconic instruments, giving them a personal touch, while retaining the details that made them so loved. His personal changes also always give a functional improvement to the instrument.

Classic and visually appealing instruments that are also top of the range in terms of playability and effective musical functionality, made for musicians who need the best to bring out their unique soul in their music.